Snapchat presents a unique Lens Web Builder for brands and businesses

Snapchat has launched Lens Web Builder, the industry’s first web-based augmented reality (AR) Lens ad production tool.

Lens Web Builder makes it easy for anyone to build compelling, professional AR Lenses in minutes. While anyone can access the tool for free, LWB is particularly compelling to brands or agencies that want to produce AR Lenses quickly, without the additional support of highly skilled creators.

Lens Web Builder, which operates in any web browser, allows advertisers to choose from a library of templates or they can create their own branded Lens from scratch. The tool includes access to a library of hundreds of 3D objects, animations, and effects to help brands build their custom branded AR Lens and they can also upload their own 2D assets (such as logos and images) to further customize the AR experience.

Key facts about Lens Web Builder:

What is Lens Web Builder?

  • Lens Web Builder is the industry’s first web-based AR Lens ad production tool.

  • We’ve templatized hundreds of Snap’s best organic Lens creative, so now anyone can create engaging AR Lenses with no 3D design experience needed.

  • Lens Web Builder was built with 3 core ideas in mind for AR ad creation:

    • Simple: Create your own AR experience by picking from thousands of 3D objects & animation

    • Fast: It only takes a few minutes to get your first Lens. Previously it had taken up to a few weeks to build one AR creative now.

    • Free: Brands with any budget can now access this immersive new format. No media spend requirements or creative fees to access our repository of 3D assets.


Why is it important?

  • The perception around AR is that it is expensive both in terms of level of effort and level of financial investment.

  • Snap has made significant product investments to reduce the friction in both the buying and production processes, to increase the overall accessibility of AR content and distribution.

  • In the near term, it’s also a great way for partners to test new Lens concepts or visualize their brand in the context of our camera.


Who is it for?

  • Small to medium size businesses just getting started in AR. Specifically, Lens Web Builder offers the ability to quickly build a variety of Lenses that can be A/B tested through the auction.

  • Any brand with a focus on agile marketing looking to quickly produce relevant content/creative based on what’s trending (ie. for holidays, cultural moments, etc.).

  • Any creative team or agency looking to test branded AR concepts within the Snapchat camera.

  • Creators without a 3D development background (ie. graphic designers, creative strategists, etc.).


*Note: The Lens Web Builder user base will always be distinctly different from our Lens Studio users, who are often highly technical 3D Developers modeling objects and textures, and tailoring them to the Snapchat Lens experience.

Democratizing augmented reality and aiding businesses to create their own assets, Snapchat’s Lens Web Builder makes it easy to create augmented reality (AR) Lens campaigns directly in Ads Manager. The Lens Web Builder evades the need for sophisticated AR development software or expert knowledge, thus allowing brands to create an AR lens that can be used to advertise.

Equipped with all the tools to enable campaigns, the Lens Builder provides a library of hundreds of 3D objects, animations, and effects to build custom branded AR Lens. It also enables the uploading of 2D assets (such as logos and images) to further customize the AR experience.

Lens Web Builder, which operates in any web browser, helps advertisers to create in creating branded Lens from scratch if they choose, or they can also opt to select choose from a library of templates. Building a Lens from scratch gives full control to the creator over what 3D assets they want included in a Lens, plus any sound and/or text they would like to include. Starting with a template allows them to use a pre-selected combination of 3D assets as the basis of the Lens, instead of choosing each element individually.

The tool also operates in any web browser, making it available almost anywhere. Now advertisers will be able to create AR experiences within minutes and without additional design support thus making it very appealing to small and medium-sized businesses.

Interesting facts about Lens Web Builder:

  • Simple​: Create AR experience by picking from hundreds of 3D objects & animations

  • Fast​: It only takes a few minutes to create the first Lens

  • Free​: Brands or businesses with any budget can now access this immersive format. There are no creative fees to access our repository of 3D assets, however daily minimum campaign spend requirements apply

“We are excited to launch Lens Web Builder in India which is the latest step in our journey to democratize AR. This tool is available to advertisers of all sizes and doesn’t require any previous design experience.  We know Lens Web Builder is particularly appealing to small to medium sized businesses, including performance focussed and Direct-to-Consumer brands, who will be able to build an AR ad within minutes. We have already had several clients testing the tool, seeing great results, and are excited to welcome more advertisers on board in the coming weeks and months.” — David Shaw, Head of International Product Marketing.

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