Interview with Mr. Filip Cotfas, Channel Manager, CoSoSys Ltd

CoSoSys is a developer of endpoint-centric Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions and security software. Our mission is to enable businesses and end-users around the world to take full advantage of the performance benefits of mobility, portability, and communications solutions, without compromising security.

Our flagship product, Endpoint Protector, is an advanced all-in-one DLP solution for Windows, macOS, and Linux as well as Thin Clients, that puts an end to unintentional data leaks, protects from malicious data theft, and offers seamless control of portable storage devices. Its content filtering capabilities for both data at rest and in motion range from predefined content based on dictionaries, regular expressions to profiles for data protection regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.

Endpoint Protector is certified with Common Criteria EAL2, was Highly Commended for DLP at the SC Awards Europe 2018, and won in the Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) category in 2018, 2017, and 2016 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. It was also recognized in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention and by the Radicati Group in the Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Market Quadrant 2017.

Interview with Mr. Filip Cotfas Channel Manager CoSoSys Ltd
Mr. Filip Cotfas Channel Manager CoSoSys Ltd

Filip Cotfas has an impressive background in sales and project management. As a Channel Manager at CoSoSys, he is utilizing his extensive skills for daily operating efficiency with a focus on South Asia, the Middle East, and Northern Europe markets.

Filip`s main responsibility is handling the existing Customer portfolio, as well as acquiring additional revenue streams, mainly by coordinating with the existing partners or enabling new partnerships, in order to help more customers benefit from our award-winning Data Loss Prevention solution. In the past years, he has been developing the sales strategies for his markets and built a successful relationship with channel partners.


How would you describe the growth of the DLP Solutions in the covid period? As you also deal in the health sector.

Due to the pandemic, industries such as health that have stricter data protection requirements have long opposed remote work. However, due to recent developments, many have to rethink their previous stance and allow their employees to work from home. The healthcare sector is among the worst affected by data breaches globally. Healthcare institutions are often prime targets for cyber attacks by collecting extremely sensitive – and therefore very valuable – data and storing it on at times outdated systems. It is essential for healthcare institutions to ensure that health data will be protected even when it is taken outside the security of company networks. DLP solutions implemented at the computer level continue to work whether a computer is connected to a healthcare institution’s network or the internet. In this way, healthcare data protection is uninterrupted.

What are your new plans of DLP Solutions tailored for the Indian Market? 

We are looking to provide our DLP solution with advanced features and functionalities that ensure security, flexibility, and compliance for larger companies in India, offering more features like predefined policies for local compliance.


What are your Awareness plans for the 2- and 3 tier cities for nationwide campaigns? How would you put it into action?

Through the help of our Channel Partners, we are covering Tier II and Tier III as well. We are also focusing on Awareness, and Educational content focused on the Tier II and III cities, with the help of local media.

How do you operate in India? Through Franchise or Direct?

In India, we now have a local Sales team, and we directly work with our Channel Partners.

What are your expansion plans all over India? 

Through the help of our Channel Partners, we are covering Tier II and Tier III as well, and we are also focusing on Awareness, and Educational content focused on the Tier II and III cities, with the help of local media.



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