Kodak HD LED TVs partners with Amazon India for Kodak FAB TV Fest as title sponsor

4th April 2023, New Delhi: Kodak HD LED TVs have come up with huge delight for their customers during the IPL season since they announced their partnership with Amazon India for FAB TV Fest as its title sponsor. The brand is offering exciting deals on its official CA PRO and Kodak Matrix QLED Series. The sale will start with early access from 6th April 2023 and run till 10th April 2023, giving you ample time to choose from a wide range of discounted Kodak televisions that start at an amazing price of INR 6,499.

 In conjunction with the Google TV platform, Kodak QLED televisions will be offered in three screen sizes: 50 inches, 55 inches, and 65 inches, with pricing beginning at INR 31,999. Additionally, they come with improved sound with DTS TruSurround sound, a QLED 4K display with 1.1 billion colors, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vison, HDR 10+ with 2GB RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. Kodak TV is the premium brand in India that introduced QLED in Google TV. Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd (SPPL) is the first Indian manufacturing company in the country to introduce QLED TVs with Google TV. These televisions come with a variety of upgraded features, including support for multiple adult and child user profiles, manual and voice control for smart home devices, and a personalized home screen for each user. 

With an innovative Android 10 interface, a 4K HDR10 display, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS TruSurround, the Kodak CA PRO range of televisions provide amazing features that assure a high-quality watching experience. In addition, users have access to many connectivity options, such as USB 2.0, HDMI 3, ARC/CEC, and Bluetooth v.5.0, enabling easy interaction with other devices. The CA PRO series also has a sleek and contemporary bezel-less screen, which enhances the television’s aesthetic attractiveness. The TV’s intuitive remote control and built-in Google Assistant make navigating through the television’s many functions a breeze. With all of these cutting-edge capabilities, the Kodak CA PRO series delivers a viewing experience that is streamlined, intuitive, and of the highest possible quality.

The best part about the sale is TV models such as 32HDX7XPROBL, 43UHDX7XPROBL, 50UHDX7XPROBL and 55MT5022 which are bezel-less will be available at the price of their bezel counterparts’ example- 32HDX7XPROBL will be available at the prize of Rs. 9499 which is equivalent to the price of 32HDX7XPRO.

According to Mr. Avneet Singh Marwah, Director and CEO, Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd, a Kodak brand Licensee, “IPL season brings cheer for all the cricket fans in the country. We thought of making this time more colourful and picture-perfect for our customers. We are delighted to announce our partnership with Amazon India for Feb TV Fest as its title sponsor the first time to offer best never-seen-before deals to our customers. They can simply order the televisions from Amazon India, set them up and enjoy their favourite team playing, making their respective homes mini stadiums.”

Offers on Kodak HD LED TVs during the Kodak FAB TV Fest.

ASIN Models BAU Price Event Price
B07Q2LLNJZ 24HDX100s 6999 6499
B08CS3BT4L 32HDX7XPRO 9999 9499
B09DSXK8JX 32HDX7XPROBL 9999 9499
B06XGWRKYT 32HDX900S 7999 7499
B08CS2SRVQ 40FHDX7XPRO 15999 14999
B08WLZ323C 42FHDX7XPRO 16999 15999
B08XXCMRJB 43CA2022 21999 20999
B09PLDRLGF 43CAPRO5022 22999 22999
B08V5B1KBH 43FHDX7XPROBL 17499 16999
B08CRZCHQX 43UHDX7XPRO 19999 19999
B09PLDS642 43UHDX7XPROBL 20499 19999
B08XXCFY9X 50CA7077 27999 27999
B09PLF21C6 50CAPRO5066 29999 29999
B0BP7D89D7 50MT5011 32999 31999
B08CS3Z84H 50UHDX7XPRO 24999 24999
B09PLD9TCD 50UHDX7XPROBL 25999 24999
B08XXF5V6G 55CA0909 29999 29999
B0B51SDJV6 55CAPRO5088 31999 29999
B0BP7JLSK1 55MT5022 38999 37999
B08CS2SRVR 55UHDX7XPRO 28999 28999
B09PLD8GR1 55UHDX7XPROBL 29499 29499
B08XXB449F 65CA0101 47999 47999
B0BP7DFYMS 65MT5033 57999 56999
B08DLRFW45 75CA9099 84999 84999

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