Promate Launches its two new MST (Multi Streaming Transport) Hubs

Mumbai, 4th April 2023: Promate, a global leader in mobile and IT accessories has introduced two new MST (Multi-Streaming Transport) Hubs for Mac series in India. The connectivity solutions; VersaHub-MST and ApexHub-MST are all-in-one premium multi-streaming transport hubs that support multiple external monitors (with different graphic contents) to be connected via a single USB-C connector. The products are priced at Rs. 17999 and Rs. 14999 respectively and are available at leading retail stores with 2 Year warranty.

MSTs are designed to declutter workspaces by providing a single communication link for multiple devices. The VersaHub-MST with 2 HDMI ports can extend dual 4K Displays and Mirror modes. It has 4 Super-fast USB 3.0 ports and USB-C ports to connect hard drives. The SD/TF Card readers transfer videos/images at 480 Gbps speeds. The 1000Mbps gigabit ethernet port gives the user a more stable network condition and the HD Audio AUX port provides HD Quality output. To charge the devices at the speed of light, a 100W power delivery with a dual specialized connector for MacBook/other devices are included.

Promate MST Multi Streaming Transport Hubs

The ApexHub-MST is a 13-in-1 USB-C Hub. It sports multiple ports, including USB-C power delivery, ethernet port, Dual 4K HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Ethernet, AUX and SD/TF Card Slots. The USB-C Hub port lets users stream HD, crystal clear pictures to multiple screens simultaneously via the Dual HDMI and Display ports. With a simple plug-and-play feature, the display set-up is easy & seamless and supports extended display and triple display modes. The Hub supports a Quick Transfer rate of up to 5Gbps with excellent 4K Media & Audio support. ApexHub-MST supports Mac OS, Windows OS, and Android OS.

Both Multi-streaming Transport Hubs come with a 1000 Mbps ethernet port *10 times faster than Fast Ethernet, providing a more stable and faster connection.

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