PremiumAV Launches 2.5 SATA III SSD

PremiumAV, a provider of new-age PC & Mobile accessories, today announced the launch of 2.5 SATA III SSDs on Amazon. These SSDs provide huge storage and speedy transfers. The PremiumAV SSDs reach sequential speeds of up to 550 MB/s of reading and up to 4500 MB/s of writing. These SSDs are designed to help creative minds boost their productivity. They are built with 3D NAND Flash memory.

Mr. Sanjay Garg, CEO at PremiumAV said “Our all-new 2.5 SATA III SSDs deliver all the simplicity and reliability enthusiasts demands, in an ultra-compact, high-performance package refined with PremiumAV quality assurance to deliver leading performance, data reliability, and endurance. They deliver leading performance, data reliability, and endurance which provide customers a clear choice for the best storage experience”.

PremiumAV SSD 256GB min

The SSD comes with many high-end features such as end-to-end data path protection, enhanced error correction, and power loss protection offers a consistent and reliable experience. The device is capable of handling the toughest conditions and delivers users’ data at blazing-fast speeds. With excellent water & dust protection, it works normally even in a dusty environment. The SSD size is smaller than the average business card and the compact, light and slim PremiumAV SSD is the perfect portable storage. It has a lower power consumption that results in overall greater energy efficiency. This design provides more effective heat dissipation that reduces temperatures and features silence. Additionally, the PremiumAV SSD lets users enjoy an easy plug-and-play upgrade with a slim form factor and SATA 6/Gbs connection. PremiumAV SSD comes with various variant capacity, SSD 120 to 240 GB, M.2 128, 256, 512 GB and NVME 128 and 240GB.

Price, Availability, and Warranty

PremiumAV 2.5 SATA III SSD comes at an MRP of Rs. 3,499/ – carrying a warranty of 3 years and is readily available for purchase on Amazon and at PremiumAV brand stores.


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