Quantum launches 65W PD charger and multipurpose Type-C USB Hub

New Delhi, 19th April 18, 2022: Pioneering Indian consumer and lifestyle tech brand quantum has launched QHM6533, a powerful 65 Watt PD charger, and QHM6560, a multipurpose Type-C USB Hub. The PD charger comes with two Type-C outputs along with one USB output, while the Type-C USB Hub is equipped with multiple USB ports. Both QHM6533 and QHM6560 the devices are currently available on quantumhitech.com along with other leading online and offline stores. The devices are priced at Rs 1699 and Rs 399, respectively.

“The PD charger is compatible with a wide range of devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops, supporting next-generation speed to charge your devices. It has 2 Type C ports and a Type-A port so you can charge your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone simultaneously.

The new Type-C USB Hub from the house of Quantum has been designed to enable ultra high speed, supporting up to 480 Mbps over USB2.0. Both these devices are a must-have for anyone working remotely or in their workplaces, as it eases out and fastens day-to-day operations seamlessly and efficiently,” said Quantum Hi-Tech Director Mr. Arnav Mutneja.

Quantum launches 65W PD charger and multipurpose Type C USB Hub

QHM6533, the PD charger, is high on specs offering short circuit and overcurrent protection, thanks to an in-built smart chip. The total power output of the PD charger is a whopping 65W and it comes paired with a 2m Type-C to Type-C cable.

QHM6560 Type-C USB Hub comes equipped with a 0.7mtr cable, is loaded with 4 USB ports and supports a plug-and-play mechanism, and is extremely light as well as compact.

This comes nearly a fortnight after Quantum expanded its Sonotrix audio portfolio with the launch of Sonotrix 41, a TWS Bluetooth speaker with an aesthetic appearance. The speaker comes with a robust battery that offers at least 19 hours of playback time at an optimum 70% volume.

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