Samsung QD OLED is rumored to be mass-produced in the fourth quarter, and shipments may reach 1.4 million units next year

According to industry chain sources, Samsung Display (SDC) will mass-produce QD OLED in the fourth quarter, and QD OLED TVs will be released at CES in 2022.

A few days ago, SDC decided to produce QD OLED panels on the 8.5th generation production line Q1 in Asan, Chungnam in November, with a monthly production capacity of 30K.

Starting from the middle of this year, Samsung has successively carried out trial production, testing, and evaluation of samples. Sony, Panasonic, and well-known Chinese TV manufacturers are potential partners.

SDC plans to use 55 inches and 65 inches as the first major sizes for mass production. The 70-inch model will be launched at a later date.

The SDC8.5 generation production line adopts the MMG cutting process. There are many ways to combine the size of the SDC8.5 generation line, which can produce 3 sheets of 65 inches and 2 sheets of 55 inches at the same time; 3 sheets of 65 inches and 6 sheets of 32 inches are also the most common combinations of cutting in the 8.5 generation.

As per the industry predictions, considering the yield rate, the annual shipment of QD OLED TV panels in 2022 will be 1.4 million pieces.



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