VirtualBox 6.1.24 is available for download

A quick update for VirtualBox users existing and new users. Oracle VirtualBox has released a new maintenance update 6.1.24 and it is available to download from the official website. In addition to fixing various bugs, the stability has also been improved, as always.

Here is the provided changelog:

  • Storage: Fixed starting a VM if a device is attached to a VirtIO SCSI port higher than 30 (bug # 20213)
  • Storage: Improvement to DVD medium change signaling
  • Serial: Fixed the guest missing interrupts under certain circumstances (6.0 regression, bug # 18668)
  • Audio: Multiple fixes and enhancements
  • Network: Fixed connectivity issue with virtio-net after resuming VM with disconnected link
  • Network: Fixed UDP GSO fragmentation issue with missing 8 bytes of payload at the end of the first fragment
  • API: Fixed VM configuration for recent Windows Server versions
  • Extension Pack: Fixed issues with USB webcam pass-through on Linux
  • Host and guest driver: Fix small memory leak (bug # 20280)
  • Linux host and guest: Support kernel version 5.13 (bug # 20456)
  • Linux host and guest: Introduce support for SUSE SLES / SLED 15 SP3 kernels (bug # 20396)
  • Linux host: Installer will not attempt to build kernel modules if the system already has them installed and modules versions match the current version
  • Windows host: Fix DLL signature validation to work better with an invalid certificate
  • Guest Additions: Fixed crash on using the shared clipboard (bug # 19165)
  • Linux Guest Additions: Introduce support for Ubuntu-specific kernels (bug # 20325)
  • Solaris guest: Increased default memory and disk sizes
  • EFI: Support network booting with the E1000 network controller emulation
  • EFI: Stability improvements (bug # 20090)

You can find the download from here.

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