What is Live Commerce and how it helps sellers?

Authored By Prerna Goel, Co-founder & CMO of WhizCo

What is live commerce? To understand how live commerce works, let’s have a look at its definition. In simple words live commerce is the practice of selling a product online using real-time video chat with customers and users.

To make Live Commerce a success, certain shopping tools like live video chat, shopping integration, etc. are needed to give the user a seamless shopping experience.

Customers are able to watch, converse, chat and shop from the convenience of their own homes without any hassle.

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Influencer marketing and Live commerce

Creating a connection with your audience is the foundation and true essence of live commerce. When you work with an influencer who already has a good fan base then it allows your brand to cultivate a relationship with the users using the influencer’s strong fan following.

Enhancing the Q and A sessions

If you’re a beginner in the live stream segment, live Q&A sessions are the ideal place to begin as they get a lot of traction.

These Q&A sessions give the host the opportunity to respond to the audience’s questions right immediately, in addition to evaluating and displaying products or providing style advice in real time. Through the live chat discussion, viewers can ask questions, and the host will help answer and record all of the chat’s questions to give you a better insight into the product.

Bringing Social and Live commerce together

We’re just beginning to see the potential that social commerce and live commerce hold today as more social networks are starting to integrate e-commerce features into their platforms providing a seamless experience to the users.

Live commerce helps the audience to buy and indulge in shopping from a single place. To make a purchase, they don’t have to leave their favorite apps; everything is conveniently located in one place and so if these two components blend then it can have favorable outcomes.


Let’s be real, we love going to a physical store and having an experiential experience with the product we want to buy. Live commerce can also help you provide that experience by customizing and personalizing the whole experience for a single person. This one-on-one experience will help you shop conveniently by providing a familiar experience.

Make it Exciting

Discovering new things and products, learning how they operate and experiencing them first-hand allows you to experience the product in the most integrated way. By improving the customer experience and, by extension, the degree of customer happiness and satisfaction; live commerce enables you to form authentic connections with your audience and your clients.

Prepare for Launches

If you are planning to launch a product on a live commerce platform, then you need to create a build-up for the launch by posting teasers, posts, reels, etc., and track your engagement and sales this creates a buzz and engagement with the audience, and they get excited and curious about the new product launch.

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