5 Hot Influencer Marketing Trends to watch for in 2023

Authored By Prerna Goel, Co-founder & CMO of WhizCo

Lives and daily routines now revolve entirely around social media as it has become an indispensable part of our lives. The industry trends keep changing every year, and we have compiled a list of the top 5 influencer marketing trends of 2023 that brands and influencers need to watch out for.

Influencer Marketing Trends to watch for in 2023

More Shoppable Content

The trend of the rise of social commerce which was apparent in 2022 will continue in the upcoming years as well. The audience’s buying patterns have changed tremendously and they prefer to shop directly from the apps they are using.

The hassle-free experience of checking out after buying the desired product completes the shopping experience of the user via a single post and 2023 will carry forward this new social commerce user experience. Social commerce presents a big opportunity for growth, but for some brands, it might not be a viable choice right now.

Before jumping on the social commerce bandwagon, you might want to conduct in-depth research on your target market and desired platform to find out whether they can support social commerce activities and to see if that platform can scale to accommodate your overall growth.

Short-form videos are here to stay

The rise of short-form videos like Youtube shorts and Instagram reels has given users a unique video format experience albeit a short and crisp one. The videos can potentially generate more engagement from your audience and they can be instrumental in marketing as according to statistics 73% of people prefer to watch a short format video to learn more about a product or service. If you are able to hold the user’s retention with the right kind of content then short-form videos are a powerful tool in content creation.

AI is the future

The year 2023 will be huge for AI. As user involvement rises, more content will likely be recommended by AI on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. For instance, Facebook and Instagram are implementing methods like showing more suggested material in a user’s newsfeed to influence their decision-making and buying patterns.

The rise of the Nano and micro-influencers

The rise of influencer marketing today is not only about the celebrity and mega influencers but also about the influencers that have a niche audience. Additionally, audiences today are drawn to more authentic experiences and willing to interact with brands and influencers who provide value and credibility. Thus, you can anticipate more brands collaborating and partnering with Nano- and micro-influencers in the years to come. Nano- and micro-influencers have better engagement despite having a smaller following and we need to watch out for them in 2023.


In recent times, we have seen a rise in sustainability and environmentally conscious influencers. Brands are now becoming overtly conscious about environmental issues as more people are gravitating towards brands and influencers that promote a green and clean environment.

2023, will see a rise in many influencers associating with brands that promote this philosophy.



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